The chime

Ive always heard it, the chime. Ever since I was little I heard it. My dad said it was my imagination but I thaught it was my mom in heaven checking up on me so everytime I headed it I’d tell her I loved her and I’m beingl a good girl.

I never knew how she died. My daddy told me she just did and no one knew why but I knew he was hiding sonothing so one day I sneaked into his office trying to find out what he was hiding but there was nothing. I heard footsteps but they wernt coming from in the room and they wernt coming from outside the room, it was comming through the walls. I thaught I was going crazy but then I heard the chime again and I shouted from the top of my lungs like I do everyday and said “I LOVE YOU MOMMY!”.

My mom never replied to me though but I didn’t care I just wanted her to know I loved her but one day when I went into my dad’s office he caught me. I wasn’t allowed in his office it was his main rule. He glared at me as I stared at the floor hoping he would say something I hated it how he went silent all of a sudden all I kept thinking was oh no what’s he going to do? Or why is he not talking to me? He must of heard me shout.

“Go to you’re room! Now!” He yelled I jumped and ran out the room and went into my room and hid under my quilt snuggled up to my teddy and shut my eyes. I heard the chime again and again and what I heard next I certainly wasn’t expecting as I was shaking to scared to move after the second chime I heard a scream it wasn’t my dad’s voice his voice was to deep and the scream was like a womans voice. I got out of my bed and went into the the office, I had my teddy in one had and the other in my pocket.

As I opened the door I saw my dad and a woman and the firstaff thing that came to my mind was it was his friend but the woman looked so familiar I looked her in the eyes then looked at a picture frame of me and my mom and I looked at the woman again ” MOMMY” I screamed and ran up to her and hugged her but then something I will never forget happened my mom put her hand on my face as a tear went down. Her face and she whispered “I love you too” that’s when it happened my dad grabbed and pocket knife and stabbed her right in front of me and walked off.

I started crying as I clinged onto her as she held me so tight “it’s ok” she kept telling me. I knew it wasn’t but I had to stay strong for her. I looked around and grabbed my dad’s phone and called the police I held my mom so tight I couldn’t believe that she was alive all this time I was so happy to have her in my arms. Ten minutes later the police arrived and took me and my mommy to the hospital. I didn’t know why my dad did what he did but my mommy said that it wasn’t his fault..

Since that day me and my mommy had settled into a new house and it was just me and her till their was a knock on the door and I opened it and looked at the person. He was wearing a black coat and that’s when I realised he was my dad. I looked up at him and saw in the corner of my eye that he had a knife. “Dad…” I said as I slowly walked back into the house. “Bye sophie”.

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